Electronics Industries
Fasteners In electronics Industries
There is Nuts, bolt and other types fasteners required in Electronics Industries. Circuit bolts,nuts, washers, rivets, etc.
Heavy Structures
Fasteners in heavy structure & buildings
Bolts and nuts are the invisible foundation of structures. You don’t see them, but you know they are there. All the more reason you want to be absolutely sure that you have the most reliable.
Automoblie Industries
Fasteners In Automoblie Industries
Fasteners that is used in automobile Industries like nuts, bolts, screws, etc. These automotive fasteners are used in automobiles especially cars or trucks to join the pit man arm and the idler arm to the steering knuckle arms.
Machine Fasteners
Fasteners Used in Machines
components consist of the frame, fasteners, bearings, springs, lubricants and seals, as well as a variety of specialized machine elements such as splines, pins
Aircraft building industries
Fasteners For Aircrafts buildings
The most common threaded fastener used in aircraft construction is the screw. The three most used types are the structural screw, machine screw, and the self- tapping screw. STRUCTURAL SCREWS — Structural screws are used for assembling structural parts. They are made of alloy steel and are heat-treated.
Ship Building Fasteners
Fasteners in Ship building
Stainless steel and special marine grade bolts & nuts are used in the ship building industry which are being manufactured by us at our factory.These bolts & nuts used in the ship yards and ships are of world class quality in stainless steel grades.
Turbo Chargers
Fasteners in Turbo chargers
Fasteners used in turbo chargers
All Kind of Industries
Fasteners of all kind of industries
Fasteners that are used in all king of industries. we can make fasteners as per your requirements. we make special customized fasteners.

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